Soul Yoga aims at making you feel better and achieving a lifestyle of higher quality. You will be initiated into the moving meditation, shaping your practice from scratch, fully supported by the teacher. The practice is innermost and unique for everyone. You start to work with your body, laying the foundations to obtain balance and control. Simultaneously, the practice reflects the way that you deepen in your innerself.

‘Asana practice takes 2 hours a day and Yoga practice is 24 hours a day’ • Sharath Jois

My story

Back in 2008 and right after my Business Administration studies, I was working in a large banking organization in Greece. At the beginning of my career, I was willing to acquire more knowledge and professional experience without counting my limits. Working in a tough project-driven environment with strict deadlines, I was fully committed to delivering the goals of my employer. My daily life was busy and stressful, and the time was flying by in a fruitless way.

The result of that lifestyle was firstly noticed in my body. I felt it very stiff and I had the symptoms of a sedentary and hectic lifestyle. I was diagnosed with scoliosis and carpal tunnel syndrome. At the same time, allergies and asthma were severely attacking my immune system. Triggered by these somatic symptom disorders, I started to seek for an alternative way of medical care to confront with those difficulties. All of a sudden, a friend invited me to a yoga workshop and that was my first contact with yoga, which was destined to be my endless passion. Something “magic” had happened in my life…

‘What is meant to be will always find a way’


It was hard to make the decision to quit a life that I had been building for many years and escape my comfort zone. However, it was the philosophy of Yoga that helped me realize that the purpose of my being was more spiritual and closer to my personal growth. Now, I live the day. I do everything in life bearing a big smile and following my personal motto: problems are nothing more than challenges that we have to deal with in order to become stronger and more aware.